Braden McClain

2023 Fest Awards

The Eerie Horror Fest presented "Skullie" awards to our 2023 winners including Best of the Fest, New Blood (best new feature or short director), Best Feature, and Best Short. A $1,000 cash prize was awarded to the feature or short dubbed Best of the Fest.


Directed by Victor Basallote


Short Film | Skullie Award | $1,000

"Match"  |  2023  |  Directed by Victor Basallote (Spain)

Rachel, a bored and insomniac young woman, contacts Zalir through a dating app, a creature who will do the impossible to make their paths cross, forever…

English Tutor

Directed by Jaho Koo

New Blood

First-time Feature or Short Film Director | Skullie Award

"English Tutor"  |  2023  |  Directed by Jaho Koo (South Korea)

A Korean university student takes on an unusual tutoring job and encounters a young child who refuses to write in English. As the tutor attempts to get to the root of the child’s reluctance, she uncovers a shocking revelation about the child and her mother.

Mother Nocturna

Directed by Daniele Campea


Feature Film | Skullie Award

"Mother Nocturna"  |  2021  |  Directed by Daniele Campea (Italy)

Agnese is a wolf biologist who gets back to her family after a long hospitalization in a mental institution. Her daughter Arianna is an introverted teenager who lives for dancing and has a problematic relationship with her mother. Her husband, Riccardo, is a doctor who tries to hold the pieces of a family about to collapse. The moon has an occult power over Agnese, whose mind begins to disrupt and her body transforms, while the visions of the “God of the Woods” intrude on reality. As Riccardo gets seriously ill due to the pandemic, mother and daughter will find themselves alone to deal with the ghosts from the past, locked in a house surrounded by woods, where nightmares take over, and obscure presences become evermore disturbing.

Demon Box

Directed by Sean Wainsteim


Short Film | Skullie Award

"Demon Box"  |  2023  |  Directed by Sean Wainsteim (Canada)

After festival rejections, a director revises his intensely personal short film about trauma, suicide, and the Holocaust, and transforms it into a painful, blunt and funny dissection of the film and his life. Ten years in the making. *Please be advised that this film deals with themes of trauma and suicide.