EHF 2022


Red Camera Demonstration

Presented by Tommy Hartung and Students

Sponsored by Penn State Behrend

Penn State Behrend students demonstrated basic RED Camera operations to the audience and solicited non-commercial proposals from the Erie filmmaking community for services from BOLD-C: The Behrend Open Lab for Digital Creations.

Facing Your Darkness

Presented by Carter Smith | Hosted by Andre Jones

Sponsored by Penn State Behrend

Artists find inspiration from a variety of sources both perceived and imagined. While many find beauty in the darker corners, it is rare to find those, like Carter Smith, who manage to define their own unique "look" and establish a career and brand full of beautiful images and stories that transfix, haunt and arouse. Climb inside his mind and learn what drives 'All the Dead Boys' and you may just uncover your own dark inspiration.

Starting a Monster: Mask making Basics

Presented by 'Monster' Mark Kosobucki

Sponsored by Penn State Behrend

Mark takes you through an abbreviated explanation of how a creature sculpture and mask is created. The topics covered are: Working from reference and drawings, Basic sculpting techniques, and Various types of clay and tools. Mark explains the process of molding a head, including the types of materials that can be used, and discusses the process of creating a mask.