EHF 2022


Script to screen: how to get your film produced

Experts who have written, directed, and produced TV shows or features talk the audience through the process of turning scripts into visual entertainment.


Jackie George  |  Former VP of Production at Warner Bros.

Aaron B. Koontz  |  Writer, Producer, Director, Development & Production at Blood Oath

Ashleigh Snead  |  Budgets, Incentives, & Line Producing at Blood Oath

Dorota Swies  |  Director

Queer representation in horror

After the screening of Carter Smith's feature 'Swallowed', this panel discussed the representation of the queer community in film and shared insight from their own personal experiences as a professional in the industry and as a member of the LGBTQIA community.


Carter Smith  |  Writer, Director, Producer

Mark Patton  |  Actor

Davona Pacley  |  Host

Shea D'Heaux  |  Host